Massacre at Mabouja

Massacre at Mabouja

Review of events in Hama.

In early March, 2015, ISIS reinvigorated its offensive in central Syria, specifically in the Homs and Hama provinces. The town of Mabouja was held by the Syrian Arab Republican Government (SARG) and became a front-line between SARG and ISIS forces, resulting in the massacre in April, 2015. ISIS killed many Alawites and individuals working with the militias upon their initial invasion.  Thereafter, SARG engaged in an aerial campaign on the town in an attempt to repel ISIS forces.  The ISIS offensive into the Mabouja was successful as SARG’s defenses were not able to repel ISIS.  Mabouja lies about 40 miles (60km) east of a vital road that is considered the government’s only link between south-central Homs province and the province of Aleppo to the north.



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