The Most Dangerous Job in the World and its Future Payoff

The Most Dangerous Job in the World and its Future Payoff

News recently emerged that nearly half a million government documents have so far been smuggled out of Syria, gravely implicating President Bashar al-Assad and his regime of committing war crimes. The Commission of Justice and Accountability (CIJA) organized 50 local investigators to smuggle the documents out of Syria for analysis. Some have claimed those 50 local investigators have the most dangerous job in the world. A recent piece in The Guardian titled “Syria’s Truth Smugglers” detailed the dangers the investigators face.

There is constant fear of being caught by the Syrian army, where death is almost assured. Extremist groups don’t support the CIJA’s mission either and crossing their path is just as risky. The dangers investigators face attempting to gather these documents is unbelievable and the risks only increase once they begin the actual smuggling run. How do you hide boxes of documents in the bed of a truck? And how do you get through multiple border checkpoints without raising suspicion or cracking under pressure?

The dangers the local investigators face and the risks they are willing to take to obtain this crucial evidence should be commended. Not many people would be willing to put themselves through the psychological torture of making multiple smuggling runs through extremely dangerous territory.

Thanks to the strong allegiance between Russia and the Syrian Government, it is unlikely President Assad will face a tribunal or the International Criminal Court until he is stripped from power, especially given Russia’s ability to veto any United Nations attempts to investigate crimes against humanity or war crimes. This marks a continued truth despite damning evidence of the continued use of chemical weapons and the revelation of government documents that incriminate the Syrian regime.

Many of the investigators are frustrated by this fact, with some feeling as if their dedication and constant sacrifices will be for nothing. Experts assure the continued revelations of the atrocities being committed by the Assad regime will only help build pressure for the ultimate creation of a tribunal. Until that day comes, these investigators will continue to risk their lives to ensure that the people of Syria eventually receive justice.

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