About PDC

People Demand Change INC (PDC), was established in early 2013 in response to the seismic changes taking place in the Middle East, and the need for the implementation of a new relationship between aid providers and the communities on the ground being served. The Middle East is at a pivotal stage in which whole populations are demanding a direct stake in how they are governed. PDC intends to help in aiding this transformation by developing long-term relationships with key communities and populations within the region, working with them in a collaborative and culturally competent fashion that takes into account the changing dynamics of this region over the course of time.

PDC leverages an extensive and trusted network within Syria that taps into the knowledge of local activists, local council leaders, and grassroots media and relief networks, enabling our organization to access privileged, up-to-date information on the ground. This knowledge informs our own programming and enables local and international organizations and policymakers to make informed decisions about the Syrian opposition and ever-changing nature of the conflict. Moreover, our Arabic-speaking staff possesses the capacity to execute our monitoring and evaluation program for all funded projects, through frequent on-site visits. Through programming and local connections, PDC remains committed to supporting a diverse and pluralistic civil society in Syria.

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